It’s About Experience

A Nice Exchange

In our daily activities we encounter people. In the business/organizational environment we always encounter people. Encountering people is easy for most folks….though it can difficult for some. Relating is a great skill and makes a transaction/presentation/sale a good experience.

Here’s three examples from the past week that created a good experience.

+ A FoodQuest venture to a country hamburger joint (in Bunn Level!). A brief exchange with the folks who flipped the burgers. It wasn’t just the food….it was the total experience that made our FoodQuest fun.

+ Stopped in the local Hallmark store. Selected the card. Rang the little counter bell. Bantered with the sales associate for 30 seconds. A simple purchase became a pleasant experience.

+ Another restaurant experience at Tommy’s Deli. A nice Chicken Bar-B-Q sandwich made even better when Tommy comes over and asks how we liked it and goes on to say that he Bar-B-Q’s the chicken and makes everything that goes on it. A very nice sandwich….even better with Tommy’s banter.

My FoodQuest buddy and I were talking on the way back from Bunn Level. The gist is that when we were consulting….the best startegy was to adapt to the folks we were working with. It wasn’t one size fits all.

The first thing was always to relate to the client….the people who we were to spend time with. That made the project a much better experience.