FBO (Fixed Base Operation)

People that travel on the airlines see only one side of avaition. There is a completely different and other side that people rarely see. That’s the FBO operations that serve general aviation.

General aviation and corporate aviation are similar and also decidedly different. The corporate aviation that has been in the news has been the large corporate jets.

Most FBO’s are rather modest as depicted in the photo. While other FBO’s that cater to the corporate jet business are multimillion dollar operations.

Aviation International News in the April 2010 issue published it’s latest FBO survey.  When businesses are directed to a high-profile customer….it is all about service.

The sub heading for the AIN article was:

Top 10 FBOs credit customer service efforts for their success.

These FBO’s are large businesses with the corresponding investment so they have to do well.

The Real Lesson:

It doesn’t matter what profile a businesses/organizations customers are….success depends on superior customer service.