Missing the Mark

The local Ace hardware moved to a new location about a year ago. The size doubled….so more products. It also is in a desireable shopping center with good visibility.

While the local stores prices may be a little higher than Lowes or Home Depot….it is very convenient and a local business. Yet in the move the store lost its character and doesn’t know the basics of retail….merchandising.

+ Character: the store replaced all its sales folks….who always encountered the customer and always asked what they could do….they were proactive in their sales techniques. The present group of associates are present….but seldom engage the customers. They are there and that’s about it.

+ Merchandising: a fundamental basic for a retail business. Show your products and show them well. It means floors shined. Shelves in order. No empty product categories. Prices clear and aligned with the products. Neat, orderly, ready to sell….just like the photo.

The local Ace misses the mark on both counts.

Do the owners of the local Ace franchise MBWA (Manage By Walking Around)?