New Places Producing Olive Oil

Several years ago, I became fascinated with the Food Network. I watched some of the chefs and thought I could do that. One of the first things in better food is the use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)….it’s healthier and makes food taste better.  Now EVOO is in our pantry.

Most olive oil is imported from Spain and Italy and other mediterranean countries….the traditional producers….and grown in old trees….hand harvested.

Today’s News and Observer had a story on new producers of EVOO in Chile and Australia. In Chile, a company called Olisur is revolutionizing the olive oil industry. It is growing the olive trees closer together and shorter….using mechaical haversters….so that the olives get to the mill faster….while they are the freshest.

Cost efficiencies mean Olisur oils can be high-quality without being high-priced.

Besides the benefits of using EVOO….two lessons:

  • There are better and newer ways to grow….process….and market an age old product.
  • All this is taking place on a 6,500 acre estate south of Santiago, Chile.


Photos of the ultra-modern Olisur factory:



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