Most point out problemsSome solve them.

In another blog, the author stated the problems businesses currently encounter as well as the challenges in the education and political system.

It’s easy to find problems….it’s not so easy to find solutions. Business experts are really good at finding problems. The recent BP oil spill is a good example of finding problems and certainly there were many.

The “real” test is to solve them.

Businesses/organizations….and for the most part those at the grassroots level….will be best when they provide solutions to problems. That’s where “real” change will take place.



One thought on “Solutions

  1. My experience: called hospital lawyer with question; answered with “we have a problem”. Called real world lawyer with request: “This is what I want to do; make it legal”. Response: “Okay”.Guess which lawyer received the most calls?


    P.S. The Okay lawyer never got me in trouble.

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