Starbuck Lessons

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The Reason for Existing


“Starbucks was founded with a clear sense of Why – that purpose, cause or belief that goes beyond the products we make or the services we offer. At its founding, it was all about the “third space,” that space between work and home. When Americans chose to hang-out outside of home or work, Starbucks wanted to be the place they hang-out at.  And they for many years, they were.

But, like so many companies that make it big, Starbucks forget the reason it was founded and started to think it was their product that made them successful. Put simply, Starbucks has lost its Why.”

Sometimes it’s too easy to start a business or organization. People seldom recognize the complexities and don’t think far enough down the road. It is my belief that a solid foundation….the why….has to be in place early on in the organization life cycle.

Our job in the family business wasn’t to sell furniture….although that is what we did day in and day out. The real “why” was to help make our customers homes nicer with furniture that was affordable.

When I consulted with small businesses….it wasn’t what I did as what I did that contributed to a positive and rewarding outcome for the client.

In the NextStep seminars….while the content is excellent….the end result is what the participants can take and use in their enterprises.

Simon Sinek is a very good resource….always ask the question why.

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