A Square Bag

Just a little Training

In the big scheme of things….packing a square grocery bag might not mean the difference between failure and success. Yet my grocery bag story is about why details are important.

My first “real” job was packing groceries for Plumbs Markets. No plastic bags….only paper.

It was Plumbs service done properly. The senior bag boy trained the newbies. A perfect Plumb bag was a square bag….heavier items like cans on the bottom, fit to the shape of the bag….boxes in the middle….and lighter items on top….absolutely no squashed bread or broken eggs. Packing a square was a bag boys art. After packing the bags….they were loaded on to a cart and wheeled out to the customers car….even in two feet of snow.

A recent excursion to the local supermarket revealed the bag people have never been trained in packing a square bag. Just throw it all  into the bag….paper or plastic or a recycle bag….and they are done….on to the next customer

I still like to pack a square bag….once a great bag boy….always a great bag boy….and something to be proud of.

After 50 plus years….Plumbs is a very nice supermarket and the store where I learned it all is still there. A little bit of training is all it takes to get a square bag.

It’s the small details that are important….that make a difference.




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