Team + Vision

“Vision dripping is more important than vision casting: Great organizations produce visionary teams, and visionary people who share (drip) the vision in the course of daily leadership and life. Vision ought to be a team sport and engage an army of everyday story-tellers in the community. Vision should never be relegated to special gifting of a the point leader only.” – Will Mancini

I am a firm believer in a vision/purpose. Any business/organization has to have a reason for existence. I like what Will Mancini wrote. I belive we had a fairly clear purpose in our family business….not so clear in the manufacturing company in NC.

Team + Vision is an intangible….the less defined stuff….of most businesses. When vision is a “team sport” ….the effort results in everyone pulling in the same direction in sync. Daily leadership has to communicate that idea….otherwise many organizations lapse into meaningless mediocrity and eventually become ineffective.


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