Bad Business

Dell ~ Gateway

I have a Dell Vostro computer….it works well….though someday maybe an iMac. Clark Howard had a radio segment on Dell and how several years ago they deliberately sold defective computers….and provided minimal customer support. Michael Dell had left the company at that time. He subsequently returned….yet Dell has not returned to its prominence in the PC world.

Gateway was founded in 1991 in South Dakota….made good computers and a distinctive brand with its cow imprinted boxes. Both Dell and Gateway had strong market positions….recognizable brands and effective leadership.

What went wrong? When the bottom line becomes the only objective….when poor customer service becomes the norm….and poor leadership/management is in place….companies do poorly. Both Dell and Gateway lost their way and strayed from their original values.

Lesson Learned: When companies practice bad business….the results speak for themselves.

Clark Howard:



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