Leadership Failure

Several months ago, I wrote about a navy captain who was relieved from her ship command.

The latest navy relief from command took place on the USS Peleliu (08.15.10).

This is the 12th skipper and 7th ship captain to be relieved so far in 2010.

The Peleliu is a major assault ship in the navy….at 820′ in length and a complement of 1068 officers and enlisted.

A navy ship captain has to be very good not only in naval skills….but in ethics and morals. Capt. David Schnell of the Peleliu was relieved because of improper relations with the crew. What was he thinking (or probably not thinking)….after close to 20 years service and a Captain (O-6)?

The navy of course is not the only service to have these issues. As a young Air Force officer….first assignment….my new boss and I traveled to Culver City to fire my first boss (of three weeks) for being too cozy with our primary contractor, Hughes Aircraft.

Of course navy captains (or air force Lt. Cols.) are only human….yet, if an officer takes command of a ship….a battalian….or manages a $180M defense contract….it would be essential that they have superior ethics and morals….or they do get relieved quickly.

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