Galaxy Beam

Smart Phone with Embedded Projector

Samsung’s Galaxy Beam (GB) is the first phone on the market to feature an embedded projector (currenly only available in Singapore).

While the Galaxy Beam may not be for everyone….just the idea that this exists….is revolutionary for those who do presentations. To make my presentations I need a projector, laptop and CD. The GB is the first generation of a projector in a smart phone.

The major milestone for pocket projectors is the development of a green laser that will give the image quality that current larger projectors have. The estimated market for pocket projectors in 2018 is $13.9B and 142 million units.

Embedded projectors are a major technology advance….that seems to be so very cool. I may even have to have one.



Fading – Struggling – Gone

On another post the author wrote this list of fixtures that once were permanent….yet now are struggling….fading….or gone:

 + Industrial jobs

 + Newspapers

 + Network TV

 + Desktop computers

 + Bank tellers

I would agree that most of the above will not have the same effect as they have had in the past….though they may not all fade away.

The real message is that change in business/organizations is ongoing and….sound business principles mean the ability to adapt and change completely if need be.

It’s impossible to be an 8-track (obsolete) enterprise in an i-pod world.


A Fair Competitor 

Businesses/organizations operate in a competitive world. That’s why teams keep score. There are winners and almost-winners.

Our family business was very competitive in the fact that there were many stores similar to ours. High end to low end….we were in the middle and tried to be the standout in the middle of the pack. The real learning experience was to learn from the competetion….we were not always the smartest. If we couldn’t learn….we couldn’t get better.

The best way to deal with the other stores was to simply say that they did well with their own style and customers. With many of our competeitors….if we were out of an item….they would be happy to sell us one at cost. We would help each other out.

It wasn’t always to get a bigger share of the pie….it was also to increase the size of the pie.


Do the Right Thing

On his recent radio show, Clark Howard was quite agitated about Prudential Insurance Co.’s handling of military survivor benefits. The complete article is in The New York Times:

While what businesses do may be acceptable or within legal guidelines….it does not always make them ethically right.

The reality is that there is always a fine line between questionable actions and doing the right thing.

Is there ethical leadership at Prudential?

Perform Better

$1,000,000 Prize

Tonight the winner in this years America’s Got Talent  is announced. There are four finalists….though really only two seem to have a chance for the million dollar first place.

The favorite….I believe….will win….because as the judges said:

You have performed and gotten better in every round.”

If there is one vital concept in business/organization success….it is to perform better. Many businesses are quite satisfied to reach a certain level and stop….without getting better.

They will never have a chance for the $1M prize.

Missed Boat

Loyalty 2

Reserve your highest level of respect for those that stand by you”.

In the big scheme of things….I suppose this post is not at the top….yet it also indicates on how details are important in a business.

I subscribe to an online newsletter….and have since its inception. The subscription expired around mid-August. There was only one notification to that effect.

Yesterday….no more newsletter….a non-personalized email stating that I had been sent three renewal notifications….and regretfully my account was deactivated.

Tom who writes the newsletter has the ability to analyze the subscriptions….the newsletter is not that large….and certainly should have a better process to retain loyal readers.

Yes, I’ll resubscribe and perhaps respond more quickly next time….yet it would nice to be recognized as as one who stood by all these years.

I think Tom missed the boat on retaining readers.

Trader Joes

If there is one retailer in America that clearly exemplifies great strategies for distinguishing themselves from all others, it’s  Trader Joe’s. Everything they do from the most fundamental to the most complex allows them to differentiate their stores and merchandise from the competition while building powerful relationships with their customers. – George Whalin (08.31.2010)

George Whalin is a retail expert and what he states is exactly the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary business/organization. This is the Trader Joe’s about a mile from our home with a full parking lot….9-9 everyday.

They differentiate themselves by their products and customer service. There are always plenty of associates….and it’s not a 40,000 sq.ft store. The telling story is checking out….most folks have carts full of items….so a high dollar sale per customer.

The store is clean….the products desirable….the associates extra friendly….prices good. That’s what makes Trader Joe’s unique.

and a great product guarantee-

 “We tried it! We like it! If you don’t, bring it back for a full refund, no questions asked.”