Trader Joes

If there is one retailer in America that clearly exemplifies great strategies for distinguishing themselves from all others, it’s  Trader Joe’s. Everything they do from the most fundamental to the most complex allows them to differentiate their stores and merchandise from the competition while building powerful relationships with their customers. – George Whalin (08.31.2010)

George Whalin is a retail expert and what he states is exactly the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary business/organization. This is the Trader Joe’s about a mile from our home with a full parking lot….9-9 everyday.

They differentiate themselves by their products and customer service. There are always plenty of associates….and it’s not a 40,000 sq.ft store. The telling story is checking out….most folks have carts full of items….so a high dollar sale per customer.

The store is clean….the products desirable….the associates extra friendly….prices good. That’s what makes Trader Joe’s unique.

and a great product guarantee-

 “We tried it! We like it! If you don’t, bring it back for a full refund, no questions asked.”


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