News Roundup

September 2010

  + What’s a Nook?: A Nook is an electronic book reader from Barnes & Noble. The Nook and the Amazon Kindle both quite similar. They store hundreds of books and a book can be downloaded almost instantaeoulsy….and now I have one.  The whole concept is built around transferring information….from paper to electrons….this is big change.

 + Soapbox: Several blog writers that I have followed, have stopped writing….and they were pretty good. I can understand that writing can be tedious….yet if you want to communicate your ideas and are good at….continue on. Twitter, etc. just won’t cut it.

+ Customer personable: There’s a difference between being customer friendly and customer personable. At a recent visit to a 4 star restaurant….the wait person was knowlegeable….accomodating….formal….professional. All what one would expect. At another local family run spot….the owners were personalble….engaging. Both OK….yet personable was more relaxing and fun.

+ Leading: a key element in great businesses/organizations. Yet leading also requires doing. Reacting the right way. Creating a purpose. Acting with integrity. Generating new ideas. Than letting “leader” status speak for itself.


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