It’s Very Simple

To paraphrase Seth Godin, the goal is not to find customers for your products, it’s to make products for your customers.

Kodak is a well-recognized name in American industry. Yet Kodak missed the change taking place in photography.

Kodak in the 70’s invented the digital camera….yet to protect its film business did nothing to expand its digital business.

We all know the story….at one time a business icon….Kodak’s business made rapid declines as digital cameras changed the way we take pictures.

Rather than make products (digital) for its customers….Kodak continued to make film for cameras no longer being used.

The real story has always been, make…. sell….products/services that customers want.

In our family business….we did not always hit 100% in buying products for our customers….more like 75%.  It would have been nice to have a Seth Godin reminding us….buy things customers want.


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