The Return of the Milkman

Real Customer Service

A recent newspaper article told the story of the return of home milk delivery.

Growing up in Western Michigan in the late 40’s….early 50’s was still a time when business depended on servicing the customer. No super Wal-Marts then.

Our milk was delivered to a box near the front door. Some who didn’t have a refrigerator….the ice wagon came by every few days to replenish the ice box. Of course before natural gas….the coal truck appeared in early fall.

King Brothers Dairy in upstate NY has begun home delivery of milk and numerous other products. All part of the effort to get fresh farm products quickly to the consumer.

And most importanly….genuine customer service from the local milkman.

One thought on “The Return of the Milkman

  1. Glad to see the family dynasty continuing. My dad was a milkman around the time of my birth. Still have some bottles from his daring dairy adventures!


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