News Roundup

October 2010

+ Giant Mega Banks – are still under pressure from the home loan disaster. It would seem that leadership take the right steps to right the ship. Unfortunately,  two in NC are not the banks they once were. The real Bank of America was a respected California Bank….Nations Bank took only the name.

Wells Fargo/Wachovia is not the original well-managed  Wachovia. Wachovia changed dramatically when bought by First Union.

+ GSK (Glaxco) – ia a major pharmaceutical company with a large presence in Research Triangle Park. Yet….were fined $750 M by the FDA for the mismanagement of a drug plant in Puerto Rico. This is simply awful leadership at Glaxco.

+ Under Construction – This is often used for incomplete websites. If a website is not complete  and under construction don’t go online.

+ Specific Systems – is a manufacturer of special purpose HVAC systems to be used in difficult environments. Located in Tulsa, OK ….Specific Systems has about 100 people and is privately owned. Its products are used extensively in petrochemical applications.

+ Twitter – “You probably hear this daily but, your brilliant.” Tweeting may be a key part of social media….yet this comment on a well-know business site seems a waste of energy. The person who this is addressed to is the premier expert. Does he need to be tweeted as brilliant?


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