Black Swan Cooperage

Traditional Wooden Barrels

Times change….yet there is still a need and demand for wooden barrels. Barrels are a necessity for aging some varieties of wine. Now as micro-distilleries proliferate….demand has increased for barrel makers.

Black Swan located in northern Minnesota has it roots in Greif Barrel Company. Greif  in 2000 made 16,000, 20 gallon coffee bean barrels for Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Company.

The need for coffee barrels plunged due to damage caused by hurricanes….yet a new market opened up….micro-distilleries.

Heidi Karasch took over the company in 2009. The real expertise in barrel making is toasting  and charring the inside….which flavors the product aging in the barrel.

The end result: Black Swan saw a market change….adapted its product to a new market….and maufactured a quality product.

It’s all in the execution.



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