The Customer

In July, we started our kitchen project….after considerable research we selected three Whirlpool Gold appliances….the refrigerator (in the photo)….dishwasher….range….all purchased at Lowes.

The dishwasher and range have performed well….not so with the refrigerator. Within a few weeks, frost built up in the freezer (modern refrigerators should be frost-free).

Here is what has taken place so far:

 + Four service calls from A & E Service. A & E provides warranty service to Whirlpool. After the 4th call….A & E deemed they could do nothing more. Whirlpool wants a second opinion.

 + Two service calls from a local service company….who replaced the original thermostat with a higher degree one.

 + After the thermostat was replaced….the refrigerator was not cooling. More calls to Whrirpool….another local service company called and two more service calls. In this case, the fan in the freezer section was replaced (the fan blows cold air into the refrigerator compartment). Of course the service tech says they don’t make them like they use to (incidentally the fan was Swiss made).

After eight service calls….a visit to Lowes to request a new unit. Lowes has ordered a replacement….due in about a month. Good for Lowes and Dave, the appliance manager.

From a business/customer perspective:

  • Lowes has been nicely responsive….after all we are the customer of Lowes not Whirlpool.
  • Whirlpool warranty service was effective until the problem became more difficult….”we need a second opinion”….”they need to call tech support”….etc.
  • Lowes….Sears….national appliance chains do have leverage when it comes to replacement….and satisfying the customer.
  • Local businesses can compete if they provide great service. Unfortunately in our area, there are no really good local dealers.
  • In our time in the home furnishings business….it was service what we sold (and service even if we didn’t sell it). Walt Plant, Langlois, Seaway Appliances….all were strong appliance retailers.
  • To Whirlpool: satisfied customers buy more Whirlpool appliances.

Final Note: There is still frost in the freezer.


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