Consumer Reports (CR) ( July 2010) had an article on Americas Top Stores.

Meijer is a company I know well. Its origins are in western Michigan. Meijer started the hypermarket (before Wal-Mart) concept in the US. There are 190 Meijers in MI, OH, IN, IL, KY. With sales of about $14B.

Meijer’s rating according to the CR survey was 77, the top rating went to Costco with an 85. In the discount category….Wal-Mart was a 73 and Kmart 72. Target thought to be more upscale was a 79.

Meijer should do better. While it can compete with Wal-Mart….it could be points ahead of Wal-Mart. Its major deficiencies in the survey were slow checkout….ease of returns….out of stock merchandise. For the most part these deficiencies can be easily corrected.

Any business just doesn’t want to compete….it should want to be better than its competition….and more than 4 points better. I would think that Meijer headquarters reads CR and puts the steps in place to be a great business….they are good not yet great.


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