Only change to get better

I often write about companies that change (SPX 11.17.10). In these cases….change is made to get better.

Two recent examples: one of change that didn’t work….and another of not changing to preserve the brand.

WGN in Chicago has been the top radio station in the market for years….strong in talk radio….not controversial but entertaining. About a year or so ago….new mangement took over and tried to revamp WGN into something completely different. They wanted to change the brand rather than preserve it.  Instead of getting better….WGN became too different and in the eyes of its listeners (customers) not better. The changes failed and the new management has departed. WGN is taking steps to restore the brand that has been successful for the last 50 years.

G and A Restaurant in Baltimore is a Coney Island Hot Dog joint. G and A has been in existence for 83 years and the business has passed down from generation to generation. Businesses like G and A are similar to historical landmarks….customers don’t expect nor want them to change.



Change is important….yet it has to make a business/organization – better.


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