News Roundup

November 2010


  • Santa’s Wreath Company – A small company in northern Wisconsin with no telephone listing or website makes 25,ooo Christmas wreaths in a few short months.


  • Simple is Better – Our neighbor had some extensive remodeling on his home. To complete the project he had Leaf-Guards installed on his gutters. Consumers Report (Sept.2010) had an article comparing the expensive Leaf Guards vs inexpensive  gutter screens. Their recommendation the simple gutter screens….at .30 /ft vs. $25/ft.


  • “Thanks for the advice” – Received this comment from a reader of a January post  (01.02.10).  It’s always about doing things better.


  • Economic Gardening (EG) – Chris Gibbons from Littleton Co. has been a long time advocate for the concept of Economic Gardening….essentially helping small businesses become larger and better. EG is the foundation for economic sustainabilty….my opinion.


  • Hancock Gourmet Lobster – A food business built around the strengths of its origins….make a good product….market and develop it to a strong customer base.



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