IBM Selectric – New Tehnology

The N & O business section had a story on a Cary company called Dex (formally R.H.Donnelly)….known as the publisher of Yellow Pages. Dex continues to lose money…. trying to survive. The reality is that Yellow Pages are not the information resource that they once were. Advertising is on-line….with more information….greater detail.

I had a friend (Mike) who was in the Typewriter/Office equipment business (Curtis-Ferrell). Mike started out repairing typewriters….eventually owning the business. The IBM Selectric was a revolutionary advancement in typewritters….from manual to electric. The font could even be changed with a round ball in the typing head.

Mike and Curtis-Ferrell prospered in the 60’s and 70’s until the PC arrived and changed the typing game completely. Word processors replaced the typewriters….exactly as the Internet is replacing Yellow Pages. Businesses have life-cycles and astute businesses are able to see changes taking place and act rather than react to these changes.

Curtiss-Ferrell ended its life cycle by not recognizing a new tecnnology….the Yellow Pages (Dex) will more than likely do the same.