Lifetime Sales

Not just $25,000 but $250,000

I recall a story about a Cadillac dealer in Dallas, TX. In the past, Cadillacs were the top of the line automobiles. The General Motors strategy was to start people in a Chevrolet and through the years they would buy a Buick or Oldsmobile than eventually a Cadillac.

Most automobile dealors….especially in the 60’s/70’s were mostly interested in selling as many cars as possible….times were good.

The Dallas Cadillac dealer took a different approach….sell the customer a life time of Cadillacs. His strategy was; not to sell one vehicle at $25,000 but 10 vehicles over the lifetime of the customer for $250,000. He was more focused on the customer than the car itself….makes sense….since the next sales are easier than the first.

Once we (in our home furnishings business) sold a customer….delivered  on our products and service….future sales were much more likely.

The end result: Customers for a Lifetime. 

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