News Roundup

December 2010


+ 4 Stars – We recenently visited The Umstead Hotel in Cary. The Umstead is a 4 star hotel….which means expensive….luxurious….and guest focused. Not every business/organization needs to be 4 star….however they all need to be guest (customer) focused. The Umstaed missed the mark on its coffee service….not up to my standard.

+ 2011 Predictions – In general growth will be OK….yet persevering is also a startegy in challenging times.

+Snow – Cary had 5+ inches of snow this past Sunday….much more further north. How organizations handle extraordinary events is a realistic test of good management. It seems airlines don’t do well.

+ Pizza – Pizza must be at the top of the food pyramid. Mellow Mushroom is opening in Cary soon. It seems this is a high-end pizza business with a strong following.

+ Positive – a writer recently listed 7 reasons why his organization is in decline. Perhaps he needed to take a different path and list the 7 positive steps to turn it around.


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