Always Do Better (and Be Different)

Sunday (01.02.11) was a good day for two excellent stoires about a business doing better. From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.


The first about creating a better moustrap. These are better mousetraps….they work.

The second about McPherson Guitars in Sparta, WI. High-end crafted guitars to a select market.

Good Enough

Good Enough is not Good Enough

Our main food market is Kroger. Once a week we stop at Starbucks. Both examples of businesses that operate at the good enough level.

I haven’t read “Good Enough for Government Work”….though I have to admit that I have used the phrase a time or two. The subtitle is the real message:

“How to squash mediocrity”.

The Kroger we shop at and the Starbucks are mediocre. Yet with a little effort could be much better. It seems that management is satisfied with good enough.

The best observation of how businesses operate is to look at the operations from the outside in. Most companies do the exact opposite….inside out.

Both our Kroger and Starbucks could do better….now they are only: good enough