First Class

Amway Flight Operations

Amway is a multi-billion dollar company….privately held. I did some consulting work with Amway in the early 80’s. They have also been controversial. The famous opening statement from a distributor….”I have a great business opportunity for you”.

I do remember Amway when it began by selling Nutrilite vitamins (in the 50s). Amway has its headquarters in west Michigan….and has been a good citizen in that part of the state. 

The story in Professional Pilot Magazine is about Amway’s flight operations. No matter what one thinks of Amway….they are successful. They operate a  first class flight operation with Gulfstream….Challenger…. Citation aircraft and a Sikorsky S-76 Helo. These planes are flying all the time….helping Amway to grow and enter new markets.

From its early days, aircraft have been an integral part of Amway. I suspect Amway’s flight operations are a vital component of their growth and business model.

It is always valuable to understand a first class operation.


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