Undercover Boss – Season 2

Mack Trucks

Mack Trucks is a historical manufacturer of heavy trucks. Mack’s have been made in the US for over a hundred years. This Undercover Boss(UB) was an example of current industrial manufacturing.

Denny Slagel, Mack Trucks CEO and president….was this episodes UB.

As before, the program was predictable….although in this episode….the employees were older and in two instances had been with the company for 30+ years. In addition, these folks were somewhat settled in their positions. No one was given the opportunity to move up in the company.

The take-a ways:

  • Mack Trucks….owned by Volvo….can make a good product….the quality depends on the people and management.
  • One of the supervisors,not named….was referred to as the “warden” at the Baltimore distribution center. The theme for this segment was “low morale”. There was no indication how that was/or will be addressed.
  • Mack Trucks leadership did have to make some difficult decisions….closing a SC plant.
  • Manufacturing is still a critical part of the economy….good companies will adjust and adapt.




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