10 Pins (Bowling)

Bowling Balls and Pin Boys

A good friend started out setting bowling pins just like in the photo. Bob was 14 when he set the pins at NK Alleys in downtown Muskegon. Eventually he became the owner of a 40 alley bowling center.

Now bowling is certainly a mature business. Yet….bowling made a significant change when the automatic pinsetter was developed and later automated scoring. While there is no longer the need for the lads setting pins….bowling centers continue to evolve.

Muskegon is also the headquarters for Brunswick Bowling….one of the two manufactures of bowling lanes and equipment (AMF being the other). Though there is no longer manufacturing in Muskegon….Brunswick Bowling is continuing to redefine bowling as a recreational activity with four business models for bowling centers:

  • Traditional lanes
  • Family entertainment
  • Boutique
  • Hybrid

Bowling will always the same (throwing the ball….knocking down pins)

The change (like pin boys to automatic pinsetters) is creating new ways to deliver the product to the customer.


Northway Lanes – Muskegon



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