JJ + Sales

Seaway Appliance

Last year we bought three major Whirlpool appliances from Lowes’s. We received a good price….Dave at Lowe’s was a stellar sales associate….Lowe’s even replaced one of the appliances….overall a fair transaction.

Unfortunately, in Cary there is no local appliance retailer. There is at least needs to be a strong local retailer….like Seaway Appliances in Muskegon, MI (Muskegon – 1/2 the size in Cary).

Why? Because at the core of any business is the sales side. JJ at Seaway Appliance has been in appliance sales for more than 40 years….not full time now….yet still in the store on weekends. He knows applinaces….remembers names and most importantly sells the products.

Sales for many be unglamorus….however without sales….there is no business. Most businesses/organization have a product, service or belief that needs to be sold to a customer.

Every business needs a JJ (or Dave).


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