7-S Model

Tom Peters – McKinsey 7-S

One of the disappointments in the Michigan Business School was not having read Peter Drucker and Tom Peters. Their prominence came later after my bus school days. My time at the Business school was mostly focused on operations stuff. What makes a business really successful….leadership….talent was off the radar screen.

Tom Peters (and Peter Drucker) are probably the most influential business/organizational thinkers in today’s environment. Yet I suspect many organziations are not overly influenced by their work. There are other influencers of course….however I have only four that are on my blogroll.

Peters was one of the originators of the 7-S model. It may appear academic….yet if leaders/managers are willing to examine and learn its intention and reason and execute the model….it will help create it a great business.

Here is what Peters recently wrote about the 7-S model. See the 03.08.2011 dispatch:


Hindsight is nice. I believe I did apply the model to the businesses/organizations in my work….though not all of it….all the time. We had a good family business….it would have been even better if we had used the 7-S model.

In my experience, 7-S is much more than an academic exercise.


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