A+ vs. D-

Forbes (04.04.11) listed the ten most reputable companies ( A+) and the ten least reputable (D-).

Among the reputable: Amazon….Kellogg ( I did some consulting with Kellogg in Battle Creek, MI)….FedEx….UPS.

In the least reputable category: AIG….and very telling three banks: Capital One….Citi Bank….and Bank of America. Unfortunately, Bank of America has its roots in North Carolina. In the late 80’s, NCNB (North Carolina National Bank was a well-regarded regional bank) was the forerunner of Bank of America.

People in general want to do business with reputable companies. Simply don’t do business with D- companies.

In our business, we valued our reputation….that is what made us stand out from the competition in a crowded market. 

An A+ reputation is more than just Good Will.