Great Ideal!

Business Thinking

Business easn’t easy. There is the operational side….with the right systems in place is manageable.

The difficult side of business is the thinking side….creating new products/services….new ideals.

In our businesses….50% of the time (or at least it seems that) was spent in developing the next promotion….seeking the next trend….and making sure the customers got our best product and service. Sometimes the ideas were great….sometimes not.

If a business is not generating new (and great ideas)….it won’t grow!


BusinessĀ & PeopleĀ & Customers

Long-term brands and relationships are built on alignment.

A perfect relationship: I want your company to help me, and your company wants to help me. We’re both focused on helping the same person. – Seth Godin (SG)

For some businesses/organizations, alignment can be a difficult concept. Unless everyone is aligned together….the business will always sputter along.

Alignment may sound academic….however, it has to be a key part of the businesses/organization foundation. A non-profit that I wrote about in the past was never in alignment. The members and leaders had different objectives. Eventually….it failed.

In our business….we probably never thought about alignment….fortunately our team was on the same page (for the most part).

Alignment isn’t something you say. It’s something you do. Alignment is demonstrated when you make the tough calls, when you see if the thing that matters the most to you is also the thing that matters the most to the other person.

The tension that comes from misalignment can work for a while, but it’s when alignment kicks in that the enterprise really works. (SG)