Gone – Not Forgotten

Broadway – Muskegon Heights

We lived about 4 blocks from Broadway….the main street in Muskegon Heights, MI (in the late 40’s early 50’s). The photo looks like it is from the early 50’s.

To the left of the Broadway & Peck intersection less than 1/2 block away was the CWC foundry….right in the middle of town! In the next block the Norge plant and in the next block Shaw Box Crane.

To the right of the intersection….two blocks down….Browne-Morse….Morton Manufacturing….Universal Camshaft and Bennett Pumps.

These manufacturing plants were the foundation of the community. In those days most of the workers walked to the plants.

The last plant building (Lift-Tech formerly Shaw Box Crane) was recently demolished !

New forms of manufacturing continue to be created….yet the reality is change….the following quote makes it clear:

“It takes a long time for a generation to come around to significant revolutionary change. The newspaper business, the steel business, law firms, the car business, the record business, even computers… one by one, our industries are being turned upside down, and so quickly that it requires us to change faster than we’d like.

It’s unpleasant, it’s not fair, but it’s all we’ve got. The sooner we realize that the world has changed, the sooner we can accept it and make something of what we’ve got. Whining isn’t a scalable solution.”