Getting Things Done

I’m currently reading the autobiography of Hugh Shelton. Shelton is a four star Army General and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. His a graduate of NCSU and grew up in Speed, NC….so a local interest also.

While there are co-authors….Shelton tells a compelling story of leadership….of how leaders lead and how some don’t lead.

The underlying theme from Shelton is the fact that leadership revolves around relationships that he developed throughout his career.

The Army (or any military branch) is similar to businesses/organizations. The best led are the ones that are successful….that get things done.

In developing long-lasting relationships Shelton was able to lead the forces to be mission ready….as well as supporting the troops who carried out the mission.

Relationships are an intangible foundation of any organization. I wonder if they teach that at the U of M School of Business in 2011?