Pizza (& Supermarkets)

A Really Big Market

Who doesn’t like pizza? Not too many as the total US market for pizza sales is almost $30B. A recent article in the News Observer stated that even more chains want to enter the RDU market.

How different can one chain make a pizza?  How do they differentiate themselves? Poppa John’s makes the difference with….fresher ingredients.

How a business/organization differentiates itself is a major factor in growth/success(or demise)

Food Markets: Right along with the pizza story….todays N&O featured how Food Lion (the low-price chain in our market) was reinventing itself with:

  • Lower prices
  • Revamped produce
  • Brighter lighting
  • Cleaner stores
  • Shorter checkout
  • New carts

All good things that every store (and chain should do). The test of course is execution.

Whether pizza or supermarkets in competetion….there is no choice….”If you don’t keep up you should start closing the doors.”