Out of Stock

Lost Business

I just returned from a visit to a local super store….that advertises that it carries over 13,500 different items….all except the one I wanted to purchase.

The item I was looking for has been a standard stock item….nothing special. Yet, for me or any other customer if what you want or expect isn’t there we are disappointed (and yes I did look over all the shelving….just to see that I did not miss it)

The old retail philosophy still applies: You can’t sell from an empty wagon

In my recent visit, I left the store with no purchases (I had intended to buy some other items).

I’ll return in a few months….perhaps the wagon (shelves) will be restocked.

Found Niche

Frac Sand Bins

Amber Waves….a Richardton, ND company located in the middle of the oil fields of western North Dakota, has found a niche in constructing Frac sand bins for sand companies.

Frac sand is a heavier sand used in the oil industry. Amber Waves manufactures grain bins used throughout the midwest. The Frac sand bins are made of heavier steel to hold the heavier sand particles.

Amber Waves is an example of expanding its market base on using their well-developed manufacturing skills.

The bottom line: Be on the lookout for new opportunities.