Solid Progress in MI

I wrote recently about the lost manufactures in the town where I grew up (05.04.2011).

Now a new generation of companies continues the manufacturing tradition in Muskegon: Eagle Alloy….GE Aviation….SAF Holland….Diversified Machine….Fleet Engineers….Alcoa Howmet ( the largest with 2300 employees). Certainly there are still some of the older companies….Kaydon….Brunswick….Cannon-Muskegon….L-3….Knoll.

While there are very nice beaches, water parks, golf courses….maufacturing is still vital for business growth in Muskegon. Each of these companies started small and grew. For the most part they manufacture value-added products. That is they make stuff that takes highly-skilled workers and technology. That is the only way to compete in a global word.

Interestingly, Eagle Alloy has not sold to the  automotive industry.

Manufacturing isn’t at the level of the old days….yet it has to be a vital part of the economy. It is still important to make stuff from raw materials.

Note 1: The parts in the photo are for bridge support. Photo from The Muskegon Chronicle.

Note 2: Our former building/property ironically is now the home for Eagle CNC Technologies. Great that its use is now manufacturing.