News Roundup

May 2011

+ Scandinavian Child:  A Raleigh business that has a very specific market:

+ I am constantly intrigued by the proliferation of high-end mattress manufacturers ($1000+). We sold Restonic….a good line. The Original Mattress Factory has a nice story:

+ Leadership is always the key element in business/organization growth/success – completed Gen. Hugh Shelton’s book ( see 05.09.2011 post). Impressed that this is where he focuses his efforts:

+ Communicate: If there was one course severely lacking in my business school days….it was public speaking and presentation skills. Toastmasters is a worthy endeavor:

+Flew on JetBlue for the first time (RDU-JFK). Newer aircraft….E-190….nicely quiet. RDU check-in was slow….easier at JFK. All-in-all a solid B on this flight for JetBlue.


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