Change – Transformation


Lowe’s is the major home improvement retailer in our area. A recent story (see link) told of Lowe’s need to change. Now change (and transformation) is a word that is often used in the business/organizational world….and used for many things. So what is change?

In Lowe’s case….over a period of 65 years….from a small retailer in western North Carolina to a major home improvement retailer nationwide.

I’ve noticed subtle changes in our local Lowes’ in the past year and a half….more encountering with the customers being most apparent.

The current CEO reinforces the change/transformation of being a home improvement retailer to a home improvement company. While to many this may be simple a word change….it also seems to be a fundamental change in how Lowe’s positions itself in the marketplace.

Strong businesses/organizations set the foundation in place….as Lowe’s is doing for the future.