What the future may be like

Corning is a $6.6 B company established in 1851 as Corning Glass Works. Remember CorningWare…Pyrex? Corning is organized into five major business segments. It no longer makes CorningWare.

One of the segments is display technologies. The video portrays what the future may be like with new technological advances….it’s fascinating!

While many businesses do not operate at the Corning level….my theory is to scale new ideas to what a business does. There will always be newer….better….different ways to develop/deliver new products/services.

Corning doesn’t make Pyrex glassware….Kodak has stopped making roll film.

The world changes….business has to change.



Note: Corning had a capacitor plant in Raleigh. I visited that plant in 1967. 


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