Chicken Feathers

Great Lakes Die Cast

A nice aricle about a company in Muskegon….Great Lakes Die Cast. The focus of  the story is two-fold:

1) They are working with a Virginia company to use chicken feathers (they contain a material similiar to plastic) to make structural parts.

2) They also realize that to grow in today’s economy they have to create new products and acquire new customers (my soap box).

Good for Great Lakes Die Cast…yet when connecting to their web site….it is not up to par. For example, the page with customers has 15 different company logos….but no links to that customer (these are simply photos).

Another example: The contact  page….only an email form….no real people….names….phone numbers.

It’s not that Great Lakes Die Cast needs a full time webmaster….they do need help and there are folks in Muskegon that could do this.

When a business/organization wants new customers….make sure they know you well….after all this is the Internet world.