The Fuller Brush Man

Door-to-Door Sales

Remember the Fuller Brush Man. He made his rounds through the neighborhood selling all kinds of cleaning supplies. He was more than likely like the gentlemen in the illustration.

After WW II, there was a pent-up demand for all types of products….no Wal-Mart, Kmart or Meijer’s….so many products and services were sold door-to-door. Most people let the Fuller man into their homes to demonstrate his wares. They probably bought something every time he visited….and he always left a sample.

Most of all Fuller products were good products….we still have two Fuller brushes (40+ years old).

Recently, a door-to-door sales person came to the front door(we are off a main street and get hit often). This wasn’t The Fuller Brush man! This fellow was rather casually dressed….selling meat products from a pickup truck.

I would be surprised if he sold any of his products today….not The Fuller Brush man of yesteryear.

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