News Roundup

JuneĀ 2011

+ Dex 1 CEO (2010) made $14M+ in compensation! Dex 1 (Yellow Pages) filled bankruptcy. In this case….CEO overcompensated for size of company.

+ “The only strategic option for a high-cost nation is to produce high-quality, highly innovative, usefully differentiated products. If schlock dominates our marketplace, it does not bode well for our economy”.

+ An excellent source for ink cartriges….used for many years….great service :

+ “Start-stop vehicle technology is emerging globally as one of the most affordable options for consumers who want to buy a more fuel-efficient car for very little added cost up front.” This is battery technology that is moving rapidly into automobiles.

+ Always return calls….if not lost business….lost customer.

+ $25 Million online office products company from a single e-bay $50 sale.