Helpful Hardware Man

ACE Disappoints Again

I’ve written before about our local ACE Hardware Store.

A little background: The ACE store for many years was in a shopping center….while jammed in between the Food Lion and Kmart….it did a great job in meeting hardware needs and service. The real difference was that they had experienced hardware people….that knew the business.

The store moved two years ago….a short distance from the original location┬áto a larger space….and more than likely higher rent. Nice move except….the experienced helpful hardware men didn’t make the move!

The new store is bigger….has more stock….and less helpful people….they simply aren’t “hardware people”. I suppose the new folks cost less than the former associates….yet their higher pay would have been easily made up by providing the excellent helpful service of the old store.

The new store: poorly merchandised….higher prices….less helpful….that’s enough to make customers drive the few extra miles to Home Depot or Lowe’s.