What Property Management?

There are two shopping centers on a main road in Cary. One has very little care. The other expertly cared for.

The first used to have a Kroger grocery store. The Kroger has been replaced by a Big Lots (and little has been done to change it from the Kroger store). There is a restaurant and a few specialty retailers….perhaps ‘C ‘level businesses. This shopping center is the same as it was 20 years ago

The other center (larger) has several ‘A ‘level businesses ( Trader Joes, Staples, Hallmark) and a wide variety of better retailers. This center was recently upgraded with attractive landscaping.

What center is full and what one has empty storefronts?

Businesses that look good attract customers. Unfortunately the first center has poor property managers and/or owners….it’s a shame to see a good property not realize its potential.

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