New Kind

“Part communications agency. Part design studio. Part management consulting firm. But we prefer the term community catalysts. Our tools are brand, culture, design. We are a New Kind of agency.”

Sundays News & Observer had an interesting story on a marketing (?) firm….New Kind. The firm evolved from Red Hat….the leader in Linux open-source software.

What is intriguing is the business philosophy and their location in a modernistic office that reflects New Kind’s belief in the role of good design in creative work environments. The offices are adjacent to the NC State campus.

The take-away from the story was that building a strong community around a brand (like Red Hat) inspires innovation and gives the company a competitive edge. In addition….their approach means that a company has to live up to the ethics it professes to its employees and customers.

Unfortunately not all businesses can do that.

Note: A very good web site and an excellent contact page.