Long Distance

No Response – No Business

Recently I wrote about a home roofing project in MI (07.08.11). While I still maintain contacts in my hometown….I’ve lost track of others. Contractors everywhere always seek out work or at least I thought.

Here are some responses:

+ Don’t buy that shingle brand….it’s no good.

+ The contractors web site no longer is active.

+ After a week… no proposal from another contractor….it’s too hot….the reply.

+ From a friend’s referral….this individual works on the side….though he works for one of the above contractors.

While a little surprised….because the economy is still recovering in Michigan….I would expect these contractors would be thrilled to have business come their way.

It is a challenge in completing this project long distance….even more so when the results have only been average.

Note: We are close to selecting our contractor!