Thank You + Data Base

Not Enough

The Power of Thank You and The Power of Data.

There is nothing more important in the sales process than a sincere Thank You….especially in high dollar transactions. Sure there is a verbal thank you and often an email thank you….yet a real ¬†professional uses a hand-written thank you. The Hallmark notes above are heavy card stock….when handwritten….very professional.

In our family business….the data base was 3×5 note cards!….long before the PC and data base software. We did use the note cards in mailings. Direct mail was a strong marketing strategy.

Looking back….I would have used the Thank You on every sales….large or small. The time and cost would have been minimal and the benefits maximized.

It would have very nice to have a PC data base program….again benefits of a solid data base file even on file cards….would have created a valuable customer base.

Both¬†were key marketing tools….we could have done better.