House of Chan

60 Years

The House of Chan (HoC) is no longer. The Muskegon Chronicle reported that Joe Chan has closed the restaurant that has been a fixture in Muskegon for over 60 years.

I may have visited Joe’s restaurant once or twice….after it moved to our part of town….it just wasn’t part of our dining out venues.

The Chronicle repoted that HoC closed because of the economy. I would guess that there are a couple of other reasons.

  • While the economy is a challnege….other restaurants open….HoC more than likely need a reinvention.
  • There may not have been a new family generation to take over.

We started our business in 1961….if we had continued in Muskegon….it would have been 50 years for us.

60 years is a good run….House of Chan was a Muskegon institution….yet change takes place.

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