50 Years

What If

2011 would have been our 50th year in business. Our family business was founded in 1961 in a small rented building….I entered the business in 1968.

I often wondered what it would be like if I had stayed in the business….what would I have done to make it to a 50 year anniversary?

Muskegon County has grown somewhat….though only 1 or2 % a year (current pop. 174,000).

Some thoughts on what if:

  • Evolve into a complete home center
  • Expand market area to West Michigan
  • Develop a superb management team
  • Divest ownership to the folks that help grow the business
  • Continue in the family….eventually phase out
  • Maximize the culture of employee care and customer care
  • Develop strong supplier relationships
  • Over deliver and under promise
  • Protect the brand name.
  • Enhance product / service guarantee
  • Solidify community presence

There are more specific ideas and would have the family wanted to stay in the business….I often wonder.